Haier Tempo Air Conditioner 7.0kw

Haier Tempo Air Conditioner 7.0kw
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With innovative Hi-Wall Split System design, the Tempo model is designed to be quiet, reach the desired temperature quickly and maintain a stable temperature, thanks to A-PAM DC inverter technology. This model has a 7.0 kW cooling and 7.5kw heating capacity.

  • Self-cleaning, for continuously clean air
  • With Wi-Fi remote control, and smart speaker voice control
  • Intelligent Air Flow directs cool or warm air in the ideal direction to maximise efficiency
  • Sleep mode ensures you don't get too hot or too cold at night, for utmost comfort

Continuously clean air

Your Tempo air conditioner will continue working efficiently to produce clean air, with a Self-clean function that stops dirt from accumulating on the heat exchanger, and reduces the growth of mould and bacteria.

Wi-Fi & Voice Control

Use Wi-Fi connectivity and your app to set air temperature at any time, from anywhere. You can also use voice control through all major smart speaker products, such as the Google Home Hub™ or Amazon Alexa.

Intelligent Air

Intelligent Air directs cool air upwards and warm air downwards, for maximum efficiency whether you're heating or cooling.

Sleep Mode

Get a great night's sleep without becoming too hot, or too cold. Set your Tempo to heat or cool, and Sleep Mode will consistently raise, lower or maintain the temperature during the night to keep the room at the ideal temperature.

Manage your power consumption

An optional extra, Demand Enabled Response can help manage power consumption during peak periods on the power supply network, by allowing your electricity provider to control the air conditioner at various predefined levels.

More efficient heat exchange

Blue Fin is an anti-corrosion coating that makes your Tempo more durable, and enhances the heat exchanging efficiency too.

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