Haier 565L French Door Refrigerator, Water, Satina

Haier 565L French Door Refrigerator, Water, Satina
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With humidity controlled vegetable bin to help fresh produce stay fresh for longer. Provides the ideal environment for preserving various foods, with HumidityZone™ and DryZone™.

H 1804 x W 833 x D 716mm


Special Zones that work together to preserve food’s freshness, flavour and nutritional value


Reduces moisture to keep your deli meats, cheese, pasta and nuts in optimum condition

Make your produce last longer

Humidity controlled vegetable bin helps retains moisture to preserve the nutrition and flavours of fresh fruit and vegetables

Freshness for the long haul

Lock in nutrients, flavour and appearance for the long term with SuperFreeze

Cold water on tap

Non-plumbed water dispenser for easy access to cool water

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