Parmco 600mm Rear Riser Downdraft, Glass

Parmco 600mm Rear Riser Downdraft, Glass
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New Zealand made and built to perform, the rear-riser downdraft is a clever solution to address ventilation space challenges, enabling kitchen design versatility. With this stylish line of rear-riser downdrafts, featuring black glass panel and touch control, you can enjoy the benefits of the perfect kitchen: no more clutter or obstructed kitchen views. For example, you can design your kitchen so that the cooktop is positioned in front of a window or even on a bench island. The rear-riser glides gently into position to quickly remove all odours and steam. Also, exclusive to Parmco is the “remote motoring” option which will significantly reduce noise! 

  • Type Of Downdraft: Rear riser
  • Speed Settings: 4
  • Air Movement Capacity: 1000m3/hour
  • Filters: Removable
  • Filter Material: Aluminium
  • Lights: Integrated LED
  • Construction: Durable stainless steel
  • Controls: Touch
  • Remote Motor: Compatible
  • Available Without Cooktop Integration: Yes
  • 7 year warranty

Width: 580mm

Depth: 115mm

Height: 335mm

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