ONKYO 6-Disc CD Carousel Changer

ONKYO 6-Disc CD Carousel Changer
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  • ONKYO 6-Disc CD Carousel Changer. Vector linear shaping circuitry. Vector quantizer audio. Direct digital path.Play CD,CD MP3,CD-R/RW . Change 5 discs during playback. Colour Black

    Music lovers rejoice! Those looking for the ultimate in CD playback from an audiophile grade component will be impressed with high-precision VQA (Vector Quantizer Audio DAC Technology) and 128 x oversampling. Others looking for convenience will thrill at the sight of 6-disc capability, 6 repeat modes, 40 track programming and no worries about interruptions to your music with the ability to change 5 discs while the last one is still playing. All will marvel at crystal clear playback enhanced by our exclusive VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) for a smoother sounding audio signal and Direct Digital Path, a heavily shielded, high-quality cable to protect that same delicate audio signal from noise emitted by the surrounding circuits. Housed in a sturdy chassis graced with a brushed aluminium front panel, the DX-C390 is ready to provide hours of uninterrupted music for the soundtrack to your life.



    • Plays Audio CDs, MP3-Encoded CDs, CD-R/RWs*
    • VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)
    • VQA (Vector Quantizer Audio) Conversion Technology
    • Change Up to 5 Discs During Play
    • 192kHz/24-Bit Audio DAC
    • Direct Digital Path
    • Optical & Coaxial Digital Output
    • 40-Track Programming
    • Next Selection Function
    • 6 Repeat Modes (Entire Disc/All Discs/Random Tracks/Programmed Tracks/Random Memory/Single Track)
    • Brushed Hairline Aluminium Front Panel
    • RI (Remote Interactive) Remote Control

    *Discs that have not been properly finalised may only be partially playable or not playable at all.

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