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ONKYO CD Player. Flat Anti

ONKYO CD Player. Flat Anti
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  • ONKYO CD Player. Flat anti- vibration chassis. Stability through massive transformer and capacitors. High precision clock. Silver

    Advanced Features:

    • Plays Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3-encoded CD*
    • Solid Aluminum Faceplate
    • 1.6mm-thick Full-Flat Anti-Vibration Chassis
    • Custom Massive EI Transformer with Sub Transformer for Standby
    • Audio-grade Capacitors for Stable Voltage
    • VLSC™ Signal Processing Removes Digital Pulse Noise
    • Precision Clock (±10 ppm) for Clear Audio Imaging and Soundstage Cohesion
    • AKM 192 kHz/24-bit DAC Ensures Detailed and Accurate Digital-to-Analog Conversion 
      * Discs should be properly finalized

    Connection Features:

    • Analog Audio Outputs
    • Digital Audio Output (Coaxial)
    • RI (Remote Interactive) Input and Output Terminals for Integrated Control of Compatible System Components with Included RI Remote
    • AC Inlet with Detachable Cable

    Other Features:

    • Smooth and Silent Front-loading Disc Mechanism
    • Anti-Vibration Insulator Feet
    • Tactile Keys for Stop, Play/Pause, and Skip/Skim
    • 25-track Playback Memory
    • Single-line FL Display
    • 3-Step Display Dimming (Normal/Dim/Dimmer)
    • Auto Standby Function
    • Random and Repeat Playback Functions
    • Simple RI Remote Controller