Sonos Playbase Black

Sonos Playbase Black
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Widescreen sound and music streaming for TVs on stands and furniture.

Everything sounds better on PLAYBASE.
Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming – the slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever’s playing when your TV’s on. And streams your favorite music when it’s off.

An off-the-wall approach to better TV sound.

Typical soundbars work best when wall-mounted directly below a TV. Truth is, most TVs end up on stands and furniture – exactly what PLAYBASE was created for. Its low profile design practically disappears beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with epic home theater audio.

Two cords. That’s it.

One power cord. And one optical cord for your TV. You don’t even have to read the manual; the Sonos app guides you through every step of set up.

Send TV sound all around.

PLAYBASE makes movies, sports, games, and music come alive… in one room. Add more Sonos speakers and you can listen to what’s playing on your TV in any room.

Movies and music to the power of 10.

Ten amplified internal drivers–six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer–replace the limited output of your TV’s built-in speakers with deeper booms, crystal clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.

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