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We have a helpful range of finance options to suit your budget.

When choosing the best finance plan for you, it's good to start by looking at your current commitments. For example, if you have other hire purchase payments, when are they due to expire? Are there other events coming up that will mean extra expense e.g. Christmas, birthdays, back-to-school costs?

Here are some ways we may be able to help you finance your purchase (subject to applicable credit and lending criteria):

Interest Free 

deals allow you to pay off your appliance over time, without interest costs, for a certain period. It's important to be aware that if you haven't paid it off in full when the interest-free period comes to an end, then you'll be paying interest on the remaining balance from then onwards. Interest free deals are regularly advertised or promoted in-store – so keep an eye out!

Payment Holiday or an Interest Free - Deferred Payment offer is an advertised period from the purchase date during which you are not required to make repayments nor do you incur any interest. This type of finance plan may be suitable when you have other financial commitments that need to be paid off before you take on new commitments. Sometimes it also can be helpful to defer payments till after a major event like Christmas. These offers are often promoted as "No Payments, No Interest" till a specified date. Once the payment holiday period is over repayments must start and interest will begin to be incurred.

Up to "X" number of months to pay provides an interest bearing option for you to spread your payments over a period with "a number of months" terms available for you to choose from. If your financial situation changes you are fully able to make additional lump sum payments to reduce or totally repay the contract without penalties, provided you do so before the end of the specified period.

Fixed versus Flexi Finance Payments need to be understood when you are signing up for either Interest Free or Interest Bearing finance. A contract based on fixed payments has equal sized payments for each month. In contrast a "flexi" payment plan requires you to pay a minimum 3% of the outstanding balance.

Credit cards 

Are another option. Your 100% store accepts all major credit cards; as well as Q-Card, GE CreditLine and Farmers Card.

  • Q-Card is smarter than your average credit card because you get a three-month payment holiday – with no repayments and no interest for the first three months.
    Your Q Card comes with a pre-approved credit limit. You can use it buy a wide range of goods at hundreds of New Zealand retailers.
  • Apply online  QCard
  • GE Creditline works in the same way as a credit card, and you can use it through EFTPOS and ATMs. When you use your GE card for any EFTPOS purchase over $100 at 100% Appliances, you can get 120 days interest free with deferred payments. (In other words, you won't need to pay a cent for almost four months). GE CreditLine also offers long term promotional terms (interest free start-up, deferred payment and interest bearing terms).
  • Apply online GE CREDITLINE
  • Farmers Card is also welcome at 100% Appliances stores. There's no annual fee, and you get up to 55 days interest free. As a cardholder you'll also get access to exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Apply online Farmers Card

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